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"All my favourite things are here... steamy, sexy romance, great chemistry, easy flow of writing, just enough angst to keep the emotional juices on alert, a chance to see more of Blake and Will ( love those men) and the one thing that never fails to make me feel the love for a great m/m romance... tangible sexual tension! "

"KC Wells hit it out of the park with this one! For me this was a home run hit! This is book 2 in the Personal Series, and as much as I enjoyed the first one this book just blew it away."

"I absolutely LOVED Personal Changes. I'm just sad that it's over. This is being added to my favourites shelf, and I can guarantee that I will be reading it again and again  Great job, KC!"

"Personal Changes is the brilliant sequel to K.C Wells’ Making it Personnel. This book made me smile, tear up, despair and rejoice. I loved every moment of it! ...I could probably write pages of things I loved, but, what it all boils down to for me was that this book was a great read. It had well developed characters, great plot and true feelings and emotions. K.C Wells has the knack for making the reader feel what the characters are feeling. She is a truly talented author and this was another excellent book. I could happily sit down and read it again right now. "


"Trusting Thomas was an amazing book full of heart, care, intrigue and love. "


"Highly recommended and I can’t wait to read more in this series."


"This second installment of KC Wells’ Collars & Cuffs series is so much more than a BDSM story, or a simple M/M romance. So much more. Trusting Thomas is a richly told love story at its core, but it is also a suspenseful drama, and a tale of the restoration of one young man’s humanity."


"Overall, I will say this plot is not an original one of course, there are plenty of books that tell this type of story. What the author does and how she handles it with her expert writing absolutely grabbed my heart and head. This story did everything is was suppose to do, pulled me into it, made me fall in love with the characters and glued me to my chair. And when I finished I hugged my Kindle and sighed...."


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"The sex is hot, the plot is thick, and the characters are well developed people you come to care about. This first Island Tales story from Ms Wells is delightful to read and savor. "


On Goodreads:  Click here to read multitaskingmomma's review

"Oh wow! I never expected this one."


Reviews for An Unlocked Heart

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5 Sweet Peas from Lucky...

5 Sweet Peas from Pattycakes:  "K.c. Wells has definitely written another homerun in her long line of winners with An Unlocked Heart. I’m just one of several people on this team who volunteered to read this book and give my honest opinion on it. All I can say is…………WOW!!!"

5 Sweet peas from Madame Aus:   "This book is a wonderful read, easy to follow and it just flows seamlessly. KC is an amazing storyteller, who has a deep empathy for the characters who have visited her begging to be put onto paper. Her honest portrayal of these men has us falling in love with them over and over again."

4 Sweet Peas from KymD: "I so enjoyed this book. I loved Alex’s sweet naiveté and the absolute pureness of his love for Leo. He needs someone strong, loving, and accepting in his life and Leo is it....And Leo…what can I say about Leo? He’s strong, assertive, dominant…sweet, loving, lost… His loss broke my heart and you can literally see him coming back to life when he meets Alex!"

5 Sweet Peas from Kiwi: "I can’t find enough adjectives to describe how fabulous this is. K.C. Wells did an exceptional job with this story. From the first paragraph to the last, your attention is captured." 

5 Sweet Peas from Becky Condit:  "Kc Wells hits all my favorite bells and whistles in a BDSM novel: characters to care about, interesting kinks and fetishes, hot sex, an actual plot that flows throughout the story, a beginning that captures my attention, a middle that holds it, and an ending that finalizes the book in a very satisfying way."


From The Novel Approach: 5 stars    Click to read the full review

"There is so much more I could write about this book, but you need to read it. You need to experience K.C.Wells' style and knowledge, and you need to get ready for the ride of your life, because when An Unlocked Heart is opened, it's the hottest sex ever. Forcibly, strenuously, lustily recommended."


From the Blog of Sid Love:    4 1/2 stars     Click to read the full review

"It is a journey of coming out, in learning to accept and believe in yourself, and figuring out how to stand up for what you want and love. All of this is written in a brilliant, honest, and openly sexy way, that for me makes it a story I will want to re-read and has me anxiously waiting for the next part in what’s sure to be an interesting series."


Reviews for Making it Personal

Mrs Condit and Friends Read Books

"I loved this book. The sex is hot enough to melt window glass, the MCs are people to care about, the plot flows smoothly with a fun twist, and sometimes people are not what they seem. Making it Personal is a great summer read."        5 Sweet Peas!

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Hearts on Fire Reviews     4 Hearts!

Blake calls Jenny’s Escort service for a discreet male companion for the evening.  

What he gets is Alec – beautiful, 25 and with whom he connects immediately.  The scorching night of sex they have blows Blake’s mind and he is sorry when he wakes up and Alec is gone.  So imagine the surprise when Blake goes to interview the PA and the applicant is the Alec he spent that hot night with, real name Will ....

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Mrs Condit & Friends Read Books       

"If you’re looking for a beautiful, loving story that is well worth your time, then I wholeheartedly recommend this book to you."    5 Sweet Peas!!!

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From Goodreads

"I'll make this short and sweet. K.C. Wells has done it again."    5 stars

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Review by Top 2 Bottom Reviews...

"While I did not get the chance to read the first book, I did not feel lost in anyway by that. While Sean and Michael have a strong presence in this book, they do not take you away from Evan and Daniel, who pull you into their story. I can’t wait to for the third story to come out and will definitely be picking up the first book soon."   4.5 kisses

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Reviews for Learning to Love : Michael & Sean

Review by      

MRS CONDIT’S OPINION: "Learning to Love: Michael & Sean is an amazing debut book by KC Wells."

"...this is an enjoyable book with elements of humor, love, pathos, heartbreaking loss, grief, excitement, danger, and anxiety. I’m looking forward to reading more by this new but already accomplished author. KC Wells is one to watch."    4 sweet peas!

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Review by Pants Off Reviews:

"I would describe this book as a perfect start for someone just finding the M/M erotica genre."

Click here to read the review           Rating of 4


Review By Top 2 Bottom Reviews:

"I was hooked from the beginning. The book Learning to Love: Michael and Sean is a powerful story of coming out, finding who you are and learning to love. "  4.5 kisses

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